They built a city on a nest of sleeping serpents and told noone. They settled people here as quick as they could, shipped from the slums, from the jails, from the zones with the wrong sort of demographics. We boot-strapped an economy out of spit and hope and it runs but don’t look at it too hard and don’t shine any bright lights around.

Everything hangs on the hard currency coming off the big three – two minor interstellar trading houses and one home-grown kombinat. Their word is law here, what they want goes – but they are still minnows in the greater galaxy and if someday they attract the notice of a bigger predator and get kerb-stomped there will be nothing we can do.

Except maybe pray but you don’t want to do that out here either, who knows what’ll answer.

Keep your head down and hustle for those credits – aim for a little insulation or a ticket offworld.


Drauthis Summer xaosseed